What is it?

Short Mat Bowls is a variation of Carpet Bowls played on a longer carpet — 13.7m (45ft) by 1.83m (6ft). Players can use the same bowls as outdoors; they use exactly the same delivery; the scoring is the same; the tactics are very similar. The main variation is simply the length of the carpet

Where to Play

This indoor carpet game, which does not require dedicated space, is very simple to learn and enjoy. Short Mat is played in church halls, community halls and leisure centers, school gyms, hotel ballrooms, lawn bowling clubs, country clubs, cruise ships and oil platforms — anywhere there is a suitable flat surface. Short Mat is ideal for curling clubs in the summer and high school programs in the fall and winter.

Essential Equipment

Two standard lawn bowls delivery mats, two fenders and a centre block are required for each Short Mat. Standard outdoor bowls and jack can be used, although a heavyweight yellow jack (16oz.) and one size 4" bowls are now preferred. To protect your mats in the off season, the PVC cover bag is recommended. For ease of storage and deployment, a handling unit is also suggested, as these mats weigh 45kgs (99lbs) each.

How to Play

Laws of the Game are available. These are based on the outdoor game, are provided by national organizations such as the English Short Mat Bowls Association and Bowls Canada. Major Short Mat Bowls championships are usually played in the UK where players from all over Europe and Canada gather to compete for substantial purses. Most clubs play with modified rules.

Short Mat Bowls for high school programs. Curriculum & Lesson Plans included.

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Short Mat Bowls Basic Equipment Kit.

Short Mat Bowls popular with Lawn Bowling Clubs