BOWLS: A precision sport ...

distinguished by the use of a biased ball called a “bowl” which is deliberately lopsided so that it always curves towards the biased (heavier) side. The goal is to roll the bowls, closer to a smaller white ball, called the jack, than one's opponent is able to do.

Rules of the Game, provided by The English Carpet Bowls Association, are not complicated. Often, clubs create their own local rules.

How to Play

Carpet Bowling is played on a special carpet, 30 feet long X 6 feet wide, by 2 teams of 4, 3 or 2 players each, 4 being most common. First, the white Jack, which is 2.5 inches in diameter, is placed on the center line 3 - 6 feet from the end of the carpet.

Then, from an 18 inch wide space at the front of the carpet each team bowls 8 biased bowls, in turn, to the jack, avoiding a 15 inch block, placed in the center of the carpet. When all bowls have been rolled, the team having its bowls closest to the jack counts one point for each bowl that is closer than the opposite team’s closest bowl. Typically, a game consists of 8 ends.

Equipment is usually provided by the facility for club members' use.

Where to Play

Carpet Bowls is a community activity, mainly played in community centers, retirement residences and clubhouses where active seniors appreciate the exercise and enjoy its social value. It’s a great social sport that brings any community together.

Grant Eligibility

Did you know that Carpet Bowls equipment is eligible for Community & Government Grants such as New Horizons for Seniors, Columbia Basin Trust, Trillium, Lotteries, etc.? Google for "Community Grants" in your area. Ask us for assistance.

Large Carpet Bowls Tournament

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