Indoor Bowls Kit


We provide the plastic numbers and the Gate Rings.  The 2” x 4” numbers are clearly visible within the play area. 

Dales Carpet Handler ->

Handle your Carpet Bowls Mats, Short Mat carpets or Shuffleboard Mats with ease.

Size: 30”W x 81”L x 68”H.

Velcro Strip on spindles for easy roll-up

High quality 4” swivel non-mark casters with locks.

Drakes Pride Heavy Duty Carpet Transport Bag ->

Drakes Pride Bowls ->

Available in Carpet bowls ad Junior sizes.  Short Mat and Outdoor bowls: available in sizes 00 - 4.

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Indoor bowls is one of the fastest growing games across Canada.

Carpet Bowls, played on a special 30ft carpet, is usually found in senior/community centers and is quickly growing in popularity in seniors’ residences and church halls.

Short Mat Bowls, played on a special 45ft carpet with carpet bowls or regular outdoor bowls, is popular with lawn bowling clubs, rec centers and is gaining a foothold in schools and is ideal for Golf & Country Clubs in the off-season.

Both games provide a setting for great social interaction, exercise and friendly competition.


(Allows up 8 players at a time)

1 X 45ft by 6ft Bowls Carpet

2 Sets of 8 contrasting coloured

Perky Indoor Bowls

1 Heavyweight Jack

1 Set of Fenders with centre block

1 Pair of foot mats

1 Cordura Nylon storage/carry bag

1 Rule Book - Ask for a Quote

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